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Care in the Air: Funding a New CareFlight Aircraft

Upper Valley Medical Center Foundation, along with the other Premier Health Hospital Foundations, are currently raising funds to purchase a new $13.5 million CareFlight aircraft.

 CareFlight Air and Mobile isn’t just a mode of transportation, but a flying intensive care unit capable of providing advanced medical care even while soaring through the skies of Southwest Ohio. CareFlight has been a valuable source of hope for more than 40 years, transporting nearly 80,000 patients.  

The realm of aviation technology has undergone remarkable strides over the past few decades, yielding enhancements in the domains of safety, efficiency, and overall aircraft system capabilities.

The new helicopter will not only replace an existing 30-year-old aircraft but will surpass its capabilities in numerous ways, enhancing Premier Health’s emergency and trauma services and ensuring that our community has access to the best possible care.


CareFlight aircrafts are the fastest in the region, with a cruising speed of approximately 180 mph. The newest aircraft purchased by the Foundations would allow for speeds up to 200 mph.

Enhanced Safety

The new aircraft features safety mechanisms that go beyond our current capabilities. The “APU mode” allows us to stop the rotor blades from moving while on the ground, enabling CareFlight to load and unload patients without the need for rotor shutdown and startup. This improves safety for both patients and medical teams, while saving precious time to get the patient to the hospital.

Latest Technology

New technology will allow CareFlight to stay in the air and capable of completing missions when others cannot. The new aircraft will have four-axis autopilot capability providing a reliable, stable aircraft; 10,000 ft. altitude capability; fully integrated digital cockpit; airborne collision and avoidance system; Dual Garmin 430W GPS; helicopter terrain awareness warning system; night vision goggle compatible lighting; weather radar; and crash resistant fuel tanks.

More Space
Not only will the new CareFlight aircraft be larger than its predecessor, but it will also have the ability to comfortably transport two patients at one time. Being one of the only air programs in Ohio that has full dual patient capability, CareFlight can respond to the scene and provide optimal resources to care for two patients, while only requiring one landing zone. Securing an additional landing zone requires manpower often unavailable in a timely manner.

Extended Range

With the ability to carry more fuel and patients, the new CareFlight aircraft can extend its range, allowing us to transport patients to medical facilities farther away, when necessary. This will ensure that patients have access to specialized care that may not be available in their immediate vicinity.

Join Us in Making a Lifesaving Difference

Premier Health’s Four Hospital Foundations invite you to be a part of this transformative endeavor. Your support will not only bring cutting-edge medical technology to our region but also touch the lives of countless individuals and families in their times of greatest need.

Every dollar contributed to this campaign will be an investment in our community’s health and safety. It’s a chance to be part of a legacy that extends beyond the aircraft itself—your gift will be woven into the stories of lives saved and families reunited.

Join us as we take flight toward a brighter future for critical care in Southwest Ohio.